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Six Steps Before You Get (video) Creative

10 Nov 2017, Posted by in Art, Design, Life, Photoshoots, Private

Statistically the power of video has proven to be startling—90% of people say video is helpful in decision-making; 75% of executives watch videos at work; 60% of site visitors will watch the video before reading the text; video improves email click-thru rates by 65% and…

What to wear on camera?

25 Oct 2017, Posted by in Art, Design, Life, Photoshoots, Private

Everyone wants to look good on camera. One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients is “what should I wear?” In the old days of video, the clothes you wore could have a major impact on the image quality—fine patterns and lots of…

Branded Content Videos

14 Mar 2017, Posted by in Art, Design, Life, Photoshoots, Video

We’re inundated with advertising. Gorgeous, funny, arresting, tacky, annoying advertising. There’s so much competition for our attention—and so much of it beautifully created and delivered—that it’s hard to be noticed above the noise. You don’t need to look much beyond the proliferation of ad-blocking software…

What Makes Hurricane Images Inc Stand Out?

08 Jan 2017, Posted by in Art, Design, Life, Photoshoots, Private

We’re a visual production company. We make cinematic videos; we produce unique, powerful imagery. But in today’s global market you need more than that– you need to tell a compelling story. To do this, you need to translate your product, service, and passion into a…

Creating Facebook videos that really work

04 Jun 2016, Posted by in Art, Design, Life, Photoshoots, Uncategorized

Like it or not, Facebook is almost a ubiquitous presence in our lives. And increasingly it’s become important for small businesses– for branding, customer relations, and marketing. Creating video for Facebook isn’t like creating video for other platforms, though. It’s a unique interaction, and if…

This Is Hurricane Images

01 Jun 2015, Posted by in Life, Photoshoots

In preparation for a video shoot in LA later this summer, I dusted off my equipment this weekend for a quick promotional project this weekend, and a chance to highlight some of my sessions from the past year. This is Hurricane Images.

Illy Cafe Sessions

23 May 2015, Posted by in Life, Photoshoots

The great team at John Doe USA asked me to photograph Illy Cafe’s Valentine’s Day event. We hit it off, and they invited me back to shoot the Italian espresso maker’s new cafe on Union Street. The Valentine’s Event was a fundraiser– espresso with a…