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Contracts and Agreements

04 Apr 2017, Posted by in Art

Meeting the expectations of our clients is something we take seriously. Working in a visual medium like video, it’s especially difficult to convey the look, tone, and emotion of a piece in mere words. That’s why we often use storyboards and hold multiple pre-production meetings to get everyone on the same page. Contracts and agreements are another tool for making sure we live up to your expectations. Every agreement has a contract and a “spec sheet” that includes the details of the production– how many days of filming, location scouting, editing, music selection, equipment to be used, etc. When it comes to fulfilling our commitment to you, we don’t want any surprises. Click on the links to see a sample Contract and Spec Sheet.

The Contract looks more complicated that it really is.

  • Items 1-3 describe the project and costs, including the 33% deposit upon signing.
  • Items 4-9 describe the transfer of all video rights to you. You’ll be able to do whatever you like with the video.
  • In Item 10, I retain the right to use the video for non-commercial purposes such as my website portfolio. If this is an issue, we can adjust.
  • Item 11 deals with cancellation/postponement– essentially shoots can be postponed for up to 6 months; if any expenses have been incurred (which we shouldn’t have) they’re billable.
  • Items 12-20 are general issues dealing with permission to film you/your clients, my status as contractor, holding harmless, etc.

The Spec Sheet has all the rest of the details of the production, along with estimates of how much time in each activity will take. For most projects we work on a flat, “per project” fee. You’re not charged by the hour, but rather by the deliverable. And all of our productions include two rounds of review by you, so you can request changes and provide feedback.

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