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30 Aug 2017, Posted by in Art


Video is the most powerful tool on the internet for gaining visibility so you can get your message out, attract your ideal client, make more money, and have more impact.  But video is only effective if people watch it. 

To make sure your video is seen– and your investment pays off– you need a marketing strategy that guides both the video creation and what you do with it.  A good strategy ensures your brand is clear and authentic, the message motivates people to action, and the video makes the most the platform its on.  At Hurricane Images, we’ll help you define the major areas of video marketing strategy you need to create compelling, effective video.


What are the goals for your video? You can use it for creating awareness, increasing your visibility, building trust and credibility, generating leads, launching a product, growing your list, driving web traffic, selling a service—understanding your objectives up front will determine your message, content, platform and distribution.


What do you want your viewer to do when the video is over? What’s the most effective way to convey this message? How does it align with your brand and display authenticity?


Now that you know the message, what’s the best approach? A company profile? Branded content? Testimonials? How to video? Quick tip? Is a single video the most effective tool, or would a series of videos have the greatest impact?


Where will your video be shown? Your website, YouTube, Instagram, conferences and trade shows. All of these platforms have best practices for effective video.


How will you distribute your video? What’s the best way to cross pollinate over multiple platforms?

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Video isn’t an expense, it’s an investment… but only if you do it right


We want your video to be fantastically successful. That’s the basis of our success. We’ve created success communication strategies for projects funded by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, US EPA, the California Department of Public Health, Aquatic Touch, Anatomy Equipment, Impact Assessment, Tripleshot Productions, and dozens of other organizations and companies.

What’s it cost?

Nothing. The first consultation is free. Really. How can it be free? Because we need to understand your goals, content, message, and platform before we can offer you a quote on production. We want to know what you are passionate about, who your customers are, and how you’re currently interacting with them. During our initial consultation we’ll explore how best to reach your goals, your message, content structure, where you’ll display it, and how it’s going to roll out. For most projects, this analysis is all you need to fine-tune your marketing strategy and create the most effective video possible. And all of this happens before we write up a quote, sign any papers, or agree to move forward. For people who want to go deeper, we can provide one-on-one consultation on branding, marketing strategy, and together create a strategic plan for your video campaign.

Why do we offer this for free?

Did I forget to mention that your success is our success? Video that doesn’t create the change you want is bad video. And we don’t do that.

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